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But damn, apparently it was expensive...and shipping would probably cost HEAPS. o____o;;

So yeah. Mum's going to pay her back since she thinks in total it would cost like...$100AU

Hello early Christmas present. XD <3


Since I'm bored, I'm going to comment on the Nov Wink Up. Wink up has suddenly reached all levels of awesomeness--or atleast, the magazine has improved GREATLY, compared to the August issue.

-First of all...AKANISHI JIN/Hey!Say!JUMP poster! Jin...in all his close-up!face glory. SERIOUSLY. Each side is like..4 pages wide. His face takes up 3, and the other page is a portrait. XDDD I donated this one to Janice. =]

TOMA PIN-UP! OMG. So hot. This is soooo on my wall. <3

-Cover: OMG GOLD METALLIC-NESS. Wow, it seems like WU suddenly got more funding or something. It looks much nicer...plus the price went down by 10 yen since August! Except there's Hey!Say!JUMP on the cover. That's annoying. They're on the cover of EVERY magazine this month. >____<

-Okay...they are fully pimping out Hey!Say!JUMP, since they have the first spread this issue. ARGH. It's not like I have anything against them...but they are kinda a turn off since all but 2 or 3 are younger than me, and I don't like younger boys as a rule. >___> But I guess if I have to pick, I'll be keeping an eye on Yabu and Yuya (who are both 1 year older than me!)

-NEWS Question 10: Awwww, I just love his section~ Kei-chan and Tesshi draw the cutest cats ever. x3

-NEWS: ZOMG. NEWS in GLASSES! Surrouned by books! I think they are trying to make them look smart! XDDD Surprisingly, it makes them all looks rather like the nice boy-next-door in some college atmosphere...expect I had to rofl when I saw Kei-chan "reading" a book. It was in English...The Hard Years...AHAHAHAHA. I'm sorry Kei, I don't believe that works for you. XDD

-KAT-TUN: Oooh, rock star-vibe! But damn, they split the group into pairs AGAIN.
Jin&Junno: Awww, Jin looks kinda bored...as if he doesn't want to be there. Junno..AHAHAHA. It'll take me forever to get used to his bleached/blonde/YELLOW hair. Jee, the KAT-TUN boys can't settle with black hair, can they? o___o
Kame&Koki: Kame + guitar = HOT. YRLY. Koki being there ruins the shots for my. I dunno. I just never really liked him. >__<
Uebo&Maru: Awwww, these two are so cute! They actually look like they are having a good time~ and look like choir boys in one picture..SO ADORABLE <3

-Arashi: Ummmm. All I can say, is HATS GALORE. It's not a studio photoshoot...it was more like "YO ARASHI. WE'RE GOING TO LOCK YOU UP IN THIS ROOM WITH 198253802 HATS, NOW SCRAM!!1!"

-Takki: Pretty boy <3 I think Takki would definitely have to be my original pretty boy~ HE'S JUST THAT PRETTY. His photoshoot is just GORGEOUS. ❤❤❤

-Tsubasa: ERRGO. I couldn't recognise him without Takki. He reminds me of someone's...dad? I dunno, he just contrasts so much with Takki. Takki had pretty soft features, Tsubasa has harder, more normal looking features. Or maybe that's just the atmosphere created from the setting of their photoshoots. XDDD;

-Kanjani8: I don't have much to say. It's just kinda odd how their photoshoot seems to be shot in black&white, except that their individual shots are toned with what I think are the colours they represent in the eito rangers thing. HOKAY. The green&blue tone looked way to unnatural. o___o

-Original Hey!Say!7...except they didn't call it that. ZOMG. They ARE pimping up the juniors! They aren't even this exclusive group anymore...but they get their own photoshoot! But I guess, they may have taken this shoot a few months ago, in true magazine-early fashion. XD Actually, I really like this photoshoot. They look really good..in an omg-let's-dress-them-up-in-b&w-and-give-minors-guns-to-pose-with way.

-Yuuto...there isn't an end to him, is there?! I mean, another solo page already! But it's cute. He does that heart-shape thing with his hands..except I think he's overworked...those big bags under his eyes aren't that cute at all. >__<

-Ryosuke: Some junior I don't know and probably would never recognise ever again..but AHAHAHA COWBOY?!?! XD

-Yuri Chinen: I think he's that 13 year old one in Hey!Say!whatever. He's wearing PINK. o___o And no shoes...awww, he has flat feet.

-Kis-My-Ft2: ZOMG. I can never stop laughing at their name. XDDD Their photoshoot is called "In the Pink". I can't find anything pink about them, except for the pink wall they are standing up against. AHAHA. It's amusing that WU thinks they have to name every shoot they do.

-J.J.Express: I'm confused...lots of Juniors are doing the Ryo and being in two groups now? Yuya and Daiki are still here... o___o Waah, I like Yuya in this shot <333

-Yuta Uekusa: Another little junior? Poor boy...he looks really scared.

-And some more juniors I can't be bothered to talk about...

-Hey!Say!7WEST. Ummm. With the "west", I just assume this is the Kansai branch of the pun.

-And even MORE juniors I can't be bothered to talk about...o___o

-AHAHAHA! The pictures they took, but didn't use for actual spreads!
NEWS: There's 10 of them here....4 of them are of Massu sticking the end of this glasses into various body parts...like his mouth, eye and nose...
KAT-TUN: Waaaah. This is me CRYING. This Kame and Koki thing makes me so sad.
Johnny's Jrs: TOMA! AHAHAHA. They gave him a blanket...SO ADORABLE. I want to scan this page~

-Some cooking thing...

-Ya-Ya-yah: Yay! Yax3 aren't splitting, I hope! Wow, the boys actually look pretty good looking here. =] AHAHA, except Shoon's eyes are scarily HUGE.

-TV show part: YUUKAN CLUB! Jin x motorbike = HOT.

-Radio info: KAT-TUN!
KAT-TUN style: Hmm, these pictures are probably from last month, since it's Junno and Koki here, not Junno and Jin yet. XD
R-One KAT-TUN: Awwww, Uebo and Maru are too cute together. Maru is wearing some big sign thing with stuff and his name on it...walking around some office place. Uebo is wearing his sunnies, and one picture, he looks ADORABLE as he's...spying? AHAHAHA. I want to scan this too. <3

LOL. This looks like an ad..with a competition to guess who the 3 results belong to

-Fanart! ZOMG. I just LOVE looking at the fanart WU gets~

赤西ずきん: AHAHAHAHA. I found this incredibly amusing. I didn't understand most of it, since I couldn't read the kanji, but it's LOVE. It features Jin, Kame and Uebo..MY FAVOURITE HALF OG KAT-TUN. <3
Anyway, it starts off with (what I think is) Jin giving Kame a present, which is this Akanishi hood...which Uebo models. Yes, this fine specimen is modelling the lastest in the range of KAT-TUN merchandise: a hood with Jin's face printed on the back. AHAHAHA. Someone, translate this for me! XDDD

KAME! OMG. There is this really good one...he's wearing a black dress shirt and a RED TIE. MUCH LOVE.

KAT-TUN halloween! AHAHAHAHA. Chibi KAT-TUN dressed up!
Jin: Witch
Kame: Uhhh..ghost? I don't really know. XD
Koki: Monkey
Maru: Mouse
Junno: Prince
And my favourite...

Koichi: HAWT.
Tsuyoshi: Not. ARGH. Looking at him annoys me. He never ever smiles in any photoshoot. >__>

Some randoms I don't care about...

TOMA!: Awwww, this is too cute. <3 He's wrapped in a blanket. SO ADORABLE. I'm so scanning this. (FOR YOU CLAUD XD)

Okay..this is actually rather tedious. I'll just skip the parts I have something to comment on.

TV-Navi:I guess this is the section when WU has news on TV stuff?

Yamapi: Something about Kurosagi! (which I still need to watch, btw)

Tesshi: Shabake..ZOMG. He wears a wig! It's scary...it seems to be set in like Feudal Japan? I MISS THE HAWT PRETTY BOY HAIR!

Takki: Shounen Club! He has a special project? And something about a new unit? WHAT THE?!

Kame: Best Jeanist Awards. Yah, ILU Kame, you may have won the Best Jeanist award, but I have the say, you've won the Worst Glasses award in my books T____T

NEWS: WeeeeK single covers!

T&T: Oooh, they're releasing a Best Album!

Hey!Say'08: Jeee, this pun is killing my brain. Whoever these jrs are, they are having a concert in January...
Hey!Say'08 WEST: Byebye brain. Why are they killing this pun? T___T

Prodai: Oooh, the DVD is coming out on Dec 7th! WATCH OUT FOR THE UN-BROADCASTED EPISODE!

Dreamboys report! Haha, more pictures than report..but oh well. KAME <3

Toma: Waaaah, he writes an essay about his experience in Hana Kimi~ I can't read all of it, but some parts surprisingly, do make sense! HAHA. He ends off with 「ベイベー!」...LOL. The overused "BABY" thing that I assume is the war cry of dorm 1. XDDD

NEWS radio shows: Awww, info about Ryo, Kei, Shige and Massu's shows...BUT WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD THEM FROM? I can find K-chan news, but WHERE OH WHERE CAN I GET SHIGET TOGETHER?!? T____T I want to hear Shige's voice...but oh well, he guest stars in K-chan news half the time, anyway. XD

AHAHAHA. And then...like a measly 15 pages of non-Jonny's at the back. Aww, they get no love in these idol magazines.


Oct. 11th, 2007 12:34 pm (UTC)

... Tsuyoshi is different, kay? Don't insult the 'yosh. =D

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